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AXE 2000 (M)
Education Microscopy Solution


  C shaped stable stand with plastic hand rest, Anti Fungus treated
  Monocular tube, 45o inclined, 360o rotatable
  Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x/18mm with pointer
  Quadruple nosepiece (Ball bearing type)
  VA series DIN Semi Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (Spring loaded) and 100x (Spring loaded, Oil immersion)
  Stage rectangular 124 x 114mm double plate with mechanical stage cross travel 70 x 25mm on ball bearing with co-axial control
  Moveable Sub-stage ABBE condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm and special day light blue filter
  Co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control
  Illumination system 6V-20W Halogen with intensity control
  Accessories : Polarising kit, Video Adapter for use with Dual Tube, Plano Concave Reflector Mirror, LED Illumination system, Soft carrying case
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