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Lab Microscopy Solutions

The AXL utilizes the new AA series optics designed by LABO optical engineers for high contrast, sharpness and resolving power. The quality of the optical glass and design combine into a system which gives high correction for chromatic errors, which provide sharp and well-defined images beyond the average microscope.

AXL gives you superior performance, comfort and unsurpassed quality. Whether for classroom or routine laboratory work, the new AXL microscope with its pre-configured systems provides selection for the entire application spectrum


  L shape corrosion resistant stand with convenient location of focus controls, Anti Fungus Treated
  Binocular or Trinocular tube, 30o inclined, 360o rotatable, IPD 48-75 mm with Dioptric adjustment on left ocular
  Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x/18mm paired with eye guards. Optional WF 15x/16mm, WF 20x/12mm
  Quadruple Nosepiece (Ball bearing type)
  AA series DIN Semi Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (Spring loaded) and 100x (Spring loaded), Oil immersion. Optional BJ Series DIN Semi Plan 20x (SL), 60x ( SL), FP Series Plan Din 4x, 10x, 20x (SL), 40x (SL), 60x (SL) & 100x ( SL, Oil)
  Stage rectangular 142 x 132mm double plate with mechanical stage cross travel 75 x 50mm on ball bearing with co-axial control, Spring clip Double Slide Holder
  Moveable Sub-stage ABBE condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm and special day light blue filter
  Co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control
  Built-in illumination system 6V-20W Halogen with intensity control
  Accessories : Plano Concave Reflector Mirror, Phase Contrast Kit, Dark Field Kit, Green Filter, Polarizing Kit, Video Adapter, Photo Adapters for CCD Camera and Digital Still Camera
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