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dgsoft ProMAT™ V 4.06
Image Editing Solutions

  CAPTURING Still, Audio/Video, Multifocus, Mosaic, Auto Still & Video (with preset intervals).
  IMAGE PROCESSING Brightness, Contrast, RGB, Invert, Grey scale, Zoom 500%, Rotate 90° & 180°.
  IMAGE EDITING Cut, Copy, and Paste, Crop, duplicate, restore, Resize, Compression, Grid creation; 5X5, 10X10 & 100X100 grids (or cells).
  VIEW Zoom in/out, preview, Rotation at 90, 180,270 or custom, image flipping; horizontal or vertical axis, Intensity histogram and Redo/Undo.
  IMAGE MANUPULATION Combine multiple pictures, Compare, Mosaic, Engrave, Emboss.
  IMAGE ANNOTATIONS Text on image, Marker, Line, Circle, Free Hand, Sketch, Printout (English & Arabic).
  IMAGE DATABASE Image Gallery, Binder File, Report, E-mail, Conversion to other format BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF & PSD, Export to MS office or Excel.
  IMAGE MEASUREMENT Length, Area, Radius, Angle, Perimeter, Circumference.
  COUNT AND CLASSIFICATION Threshold particle measurement And Morphometery.
  THICKNESS AND SIZE Nodules, Porosity, Coating thickness, Decarburisation and Grain size.
  SYSTEM REQUIREMENT Pentium IV Or Higher, 512 MB RAM, 100MB HDD space, USB v2.0, WindowsTM / 2000/ ME / XP; CD-ROM drive.
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